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Hi Nian!
Thanks for sharing you idea with us. I understand your concern around this and I brought this up with Product Development. There are no quick fixes around this unfortunately but most possible to be fixed in next year.

There is a work around by setting read access in plan, which makes sure that not all members can change activities.

Here you can read more about what this access means.
To set access rights simply go to the toolbar for Plan and click on Settings menu (cog wheel) in the right corner and choose "Access Rights" There you set the access level for the different groups. So make sure you have created groups in People before you continue. For this you would need to be an administrator in the project. Hope this can help a little.

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Johan Benesch
Johan Benesch

Johan Benesch


We have the same issue.
It is superfrustrating that PP moves dates around at a whim. Like this we completely lose track!

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