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Hi Karen!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! When you say you later want to see which files that have been sent out by email, do you mean you want this to be generated into some kind of report or that you manually would go into each documents you are interested in and easier find this information there? As you mention you can actually see who has sent the document as an email but not specified on which version. Are you working a lot with versions on documents and therefor need to see specifically which version you shared via email?


Sorry for my late answer, I was really busy with the project …

My wish was, if you klick on the document so that the box on the right side appears, then you can see who has read the document and even the date. That is great.
I would really like to see also the information that the document was sent out by mail.
Maybe it would be worth to install a function so that it would be even possible to see which version has been sent out and even to whom.
If you work with your client, consultants and subcontractors, it is sometimes really critical to follow up who has received which document and even which version of the document.
Could you think this could be possible to realize?
Thanks so much in advance! ☺
Have a nice day.

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Hi Karen!
Well in history you can view that the document was sent out by mail and to whom, see attached screenshot. This is what you mean right? But then as you say you don´t get it for the right version.

Here I would suggest that you use the document review process instead of sending files via email. That way you can keep the history and comments tied to the right version of the document easier. You can always go back to the review and see who was invited. If you use document review you can also include external, non-members in the review process. Have you used this functionality? Please view our instructional video on this if not.

Best regards

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