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Hi Oleg!

I managed now to see that you are a user of Projectplace Pro and then it works a little bit different. However it is still possible to move cards.

If you want to move a card in the Plan view you simply need to
1. In the Plan tool, select the activity you want cards to be moved from.
2. Click on the card name and the detail view for that card will open.
3. Click on the activity name and select a different activity.

If you want to move a card from the Boards view you do following.
1. Click on a card on the board.
2. Click on the current activity in the list and select another activity.

If you wish to move more cards in that activity I would suggest that you select Group by "Activity" in the boards toolbar. Then you can also select ctrl or cmd (Mac) to select several cards at the same time and move them to another activity.
It doesn´t work to drag and drop cards across swim lanes.

Did this help you?

Best regards,

DIMELO - innovation management specialist