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Hi Brian,
thanks for your feedback! We understand the value of such a function and will take your feedback into account when we look into improving the project office next year.

Best regards

Hi Brian, Hi Ylva,

I guess we share the same need towards notifications. Our point of view is:

We sometimes have to send reminders to users to do some activities into their projects. This is a thing we use to do by regular mailing every 15 days. These users are not necessary part of the same project, and also are not necessary allowed to access to the portfolio view (which I think it is possible to do so from this space).

It would be great if, for instance, from the Project Office ---> Persons space, it could be possible to select who of the company should recieve this notifications (individual, or groups created from different roles), and a space to write the message. Ideally this would generate into them a notification in their personal notification area.

Then we would centralize all the activity in the platform, which would be perfect


DIMELO - innovation management specialist