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Hi Joost,
thanks for your feedback. The way it is suppose to work is exactly as you describe. In the overview of Documents the "date" should reflect the latest change in the folder (marked with nr (1) in the attached picture).

Please take another look into your Documents and if this is not the case please contact our support that can help you with troubleshooting (

Also, you could benefit from using our view for "recently changed" documents (marked with nr (2) in the attached picture).

I hope that this will help you!

Best regards
/Ylva Espling




Hi Ylva, i didn't know the option you marked with (2), thanks for that. In the overview the "date" only reflects to the folder whit the updated files itselfs, and one folder up. In case there are multiple levels of folders, the date behind the folder is not updated. Would be nice if all higher older could be updated so you can see where to look starting from the top (=overview)

Thansk for providing additional input! I doubt that we will change the implementation how date is updated since we are following a standard way of displaying this kind of information that is for example used in windows. I hope instead that the "Recently changed" view will give you the information needed.


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