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Hi Gabriel!
Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we have this functionality in other tools so I agree that is something that should be found for an activity too. This will come into consideration in our future development, though there is nothing planned right now.
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My Use Case is similar @Silvija where I need to point Team Members to a Specific Plan Activity and it is difficult to reference the Plan Numbering Scheme because we regularly shuffle Activity Priority so one day what may be Activity 3.1 may be 7.1 another day or 1.1 in a couple weeks time. Being able to Share the Plan Activity URL (Link) will help us very much.
Can you please also provide update as your last posted Comment is Fall of 2015... yikes that is a long time ago!

Hi Brandon!
This is implemented in the service so thanks for reminding us about updating this idea. However compared to cards and documents you donĀ“t see a "Share" option in the more menu for the activity details pane. So maybe not so obvious that this feature exists due to this. Later this autumn we plan to do improvements to Plan and this can be added as an input to that work.
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