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Hi Anne Stine,
thanks for your feedback. Just to clarify, would you like a better way to find back to conversations you are involved in, that takes place on a card? And I guess it is not only cards that you are working on/are assigned to?

Would a function that let you "follow" and keep track of specific cards be something that would solve your need?

When doing a search you CAN narrow the search result down to both project and tool (see attached picture). By doing that and searching on your name you will find all cards with your name in the Title, Description or Comment. But of course also completed cards will turn up in the search, so it might not be exactly what you need.

Best regards

I support the request! The search will be very usefull in i similar way as the search/filter based on tags and contributors. It would be simple to add a tab showing conversations where I'm mentioned.

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor