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Hi Anna,
thanks for your feedback! We are trying to provide a simple yet powerful tool for project planning. This means that we are trying to avoid having too complex functions for holidays and vacations etc. We understand the need of taking weekends into account, but also see it as a first step towards a complexity that we do not want to introduce. Right now this is where we draw the line when it comes to scheduling complexity. Further in the future we might reconsider depending on for example user demands.

Best regards

Greg Tullo
Greg Tullo

Greg Tullo


This is ProjectPlaces's largest weakness.

The line of "keeping it simple" does not sit well with me as excluding weekends and holidays is a BASIC feature in many other PM programs.

It would not at all be complex to have a simple option to use a "working calendar" which does not include weekends.

Holidays are a little more complex given every company may follow a different scheduled.

However PLEASE fix the weekends thing. It renders the plan "duration" field useless!

DIMELO - innovation management specialist