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Hi Henrik,
thanks for your feedback. One way of keeping a simple backlog in Projectplace, that we sometimes use ourselves, is simply to put it on a seperate board and then move the cards to another board once it has been decided upon.

With such a scaled down solution, what would you say are the most important needs that are not covered compared to your Excel backlog used today?

Best regards

Hi Ylva,

I see your point.

However, our backlog consists of around 1000 items, so to be workable we would pretty much need a full-blown and very user-friendly solution incl. sorting, prioritizing and filtering.

BR /

Hi Henrik,
I understand that you would need a more elaborate tool for this kind of backlog. Adding such a tool to Projectplace is something that we have discussed, but we do not yet know when or if we will be able to prioritize this.

Thanks for your input!


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