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Hi Nikki,
thanks for your feedback.

If you mean that you want a document to be available in more than one project at the time, there are threee alternative ways:

  • Use a project template and add documents to that template. All documents will be copied to any new project based on the template.
  • Use a project template with a Knowledge base to spread documents to many project at once, even after they have been created. Adding a new document to the knowledge base means that the document is available in all project based on that template.
  • Add a link from one project to a document in another project following these steps:
  • 1. Click Share in the detail view for the document you want to add a link to, and then select Copy link to display the URL.
    2. Copy the URL and then go to the document archive in another project.
    3. Click on the sign and select Link to create a new link and paste the URL there.

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Okay, my comment was more around #3. However I constantly need to share a document from one project into another. I guess i will share a link. Can they access the document in the other project if they are not a part of that project?

Hi again,

no unfortunately only members of the projects where the document is located can access it through the link.

To share a document to people not in the project, the most convenient way is to use the function "Send by e-mail" found in the Share menu and choose to send it as attachment. But I understand that this is not what you are searching for...

Maybe you can think about if it is possible to do the other way around (move the document and create a link in the first project instead). I sometimes end up in that situation myself, and then place the document in the project where the people who really need to access to it are members and only put a link to it in the other project.

I hope that you will find out a good way getting everyone who needs it access to the document!


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