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Hi Susanne,
with "portfolio dashboard" - do you mean the table listing all projects in a portfolio with all KPIs? What would the purpose of the export be that is not fulfilled by the report that can be downloaded today?


Yes, the table listing all projects in a portfolio with all the KPIs. The customer wants to work with Excel to select, filter and view projects. For example “All Projects with the KPI ‘phase2’.

I have also been in discussions with Susanne about this as a new user. I would like to be able to export to Excel so that data can be filtered at will and the financial information will then be able to be summed. Much like can be currently done in Project Office_People_Export User Information.

For example if I filtered against Status "Ongoing" I want to be able to sum the financial information (i.e. budget, cost to date, expected final cost). Exporting to Excel would be ideal because then the filtering is limitless and any data that needs to be added into Management or Board reports can be done so easily.

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