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Ylva Espling
Ylva Espling

Ylva Espling


Hi Olly,
What a great idea! And what a nice video showing it off! And the best thing is you can make it happen already today :)

The magic is the web service Zapier that connects web apps in an easy way. Below is a description and video how this can be done using a combination of Projectplace and the free web apps Webhook and Esponce (you don’t even have to create a user account to these apps!). I hope that you will give this a try, and we would love to hear from you how it is going and how you have used it. Please let us know!

Best regards


1. Go to Zapier and create a user account
2. Choose to “Make a Zap”
3. Choose “Webhook” as Trigger app, and “Catch hook” as Trigger
4. Choose “Projectplace” as Action app, and “Create Card” as Action
5. An URL is being generated (for example Paste this in a web browser and add information into the URL that you want to use in the cards to be created in Projectplace. This URL for example will be used later on to add a card with title “buy_paper” and the description “buy_five_packages_A4”. Save this URL for later use. Note! It is good to avoid using spaces.
6. Send the URL and you will get a strange looking message beginning with something like "{"status": "success",” Then you’ll know you are on the right track!
7. In Zapier, choose Project and Board where the cards are to be created
8. For the fields added in the webhook URL, use the “Insert fields” function (for example “title” and “description” in the example above)
9. Make a testrun – make sure a card is created.
10. Name and save the Zap!
11. Go to and select mobile action “Website”
12. Use the webhook URL you created earlier and generate a QR code to placed in appropriate place.

Now you can just use the QR scanning app of your choice, scan the QR code and watch how cards are magically created in Projectplace!

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