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Hi Walid,
thank you for your thought through feedback! I understand that seeing all cards connected to a single assigne would be of great benefit. Both from the assignee point of view and for a person that needs to keep track of the workload for others. However, this is not currently plan in our roadmap.

Adding tags (generic tags that you can use for example for the purpose you outline above) to for example cards has also been discussed for implementation, but is as of now not planned in time.

Best regards

Hi Walid,
I just learned that part of your idea is supported in the new resource view that is developed right now in the Plan tool (Gantt chart). There you will be able to see the workload for each person based on cards that are assigned to them. I hope that this view will be helpful to you once it we release it!


Many thanks Yiva!
I look forward to seeing the release.

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Hi again. The workload view will be available on account level (for people with a need of overlooking resources in many projects at once) at first and as a second step for each project. This changes the time plan a little bit.

In our roadmap the next year is also to make it possible to use tags on cards which will make the "phone call" scenario possible.

Best regards

The resource view will be made available on account level at first and later on introduced on project level.

Tagging is on our roadmap for the next year.




Excellent, great news! Thank you! Very excited to see the release. Thanks to the Team!

A workload view has now been released that let's you see all cards assigned to all users.

It is located in the project office and your account administrator can grant access to this view. The view can be filtered to see only pepole working on a specific project or a specific department.

You can read more about the new workload view here:

I hope that this new view will solve your needs!

Best regard

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