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Hi David,
I understand your wish for getting your work done with minimal waste of time! As in an earlier comment I recommend you to use the daily report for the same kind of overview earlier provided in the weekly reports.

In our roadmap we have plans for making it possible to choose to be notified about changes to certain objects. Though we have yet to discuss the details how this will be implemented I would like to know how you feel about the possibility to get notified when something happens regarding specific folders or substructures in the document archive?

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Kære Ylva

” plans for making it possible to choose to be notified about changes to certain objects.”

Yes!! =) =)

Individual subscriptions to certain objects for notification is the only way ahead (I have previously used this extensively in Sharepoint with very good results). My 2 cents worth as far as this is concerned is:

  • Subscription at folder level is a must have as the contents of a folder are too dynamic and its therefore often too time consuming to keep subscriptions updated at file level.
  • Being able to “push” subscriptions is fantastic for a project manager. I miss the possibility on PP to decide that a certain group HAS to get notified when certain changes occur. This would especially be helpful as our document structure is rather deep and rather complicated and (forgive me for being so blunt) the PP doc search functionality is… lousy.


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