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Hi David,
thanks for your feedback! To get a better overview of where in the folder tree new and updated document are located, I recommend you to activate the Daily report for projects you want to follow up on more closely.
To activate Daily reports, go to the Notifications section in Settings. You can choose what type of events you want to be included in the report (created, changed, moved and read) and for what projects.
In the attached picture you see an example of a Daily report where I have chosen to include all events, including "read" and "moved".

You can also use the "Last event" feature available on the Project overview. This also has the advantage of being available at all times.

I hope that any of these solutions works out for you in getting the overview you need.


Kære Ylva,

Yes, that is an option, however I have just precisely chosen weekly reports in order to save time, so it would be an undesirable workaround.

Thanks no matter what for the quick feedback.

Best regards,

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