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Hi Christian,
thanks for your feedback. To be able to see if this is an error I need some more information. Could you please specify a little bit more which "progress bars" you refer to. Is the attached picture one of them?

Best regards




Hi Ylva,
i dont recognise the picture at all. i'm no pro user.
maybe there are some differences.
sadly i can't attach any images to point out the bug.

i have cards for boards. included in these cards there is a green progress bar that visualizes the ratio between open and in progress items to done items.

Well, as i stated in the beginning, it is hard to reproduce.
But just today morning it happened again.

I added two new task cards in one of my three boards and as i returned to my team overview the process bar was showing wrong numbers.
additionaly, it wasn't the board i updated and it showed like 1/5 and shold have shown something like 2/7.

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