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Hi Henning,
We have no plans of introducing time reporting directly in the plan, though we have talked about making general improvements to the time reporting. This is however not in our current roadmap so no estimation for implementation can be given just yet.

Best regards

Hmm...I disagree. You already have the time reporting implemented in the plan - at least you see reported, estimated and remaining hours.
So why don't report directly from here???

It is much (!) easier to report on the wanted activity from the plan area - simple reason is the visualisation.
Have you ever tried to find the right activity in the time reporting area when you have a bunch of activities?
It would be very beneficial to report from plan view....
Please try it by yourself and reconsider ;)

Hi Henning!
Sorry for the late reply. I completely agree that we could improve how each and every member find the activities they are supposed to report time on, and this is something we will be working on going forward. In addition we will introduce time reporting on cards. For any activity with attached card there will be a possiblity to time report directly on the cards instead if that is suitable. The time reported on cards will then be aggregated to the activity level. Our plan is to introduce time report on cards in the next few months.

DIMELO - social media platform editor