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Sounds complicated to assign a card as responsible for some action.

You could use activities with dependencies - unfortunately Projectplace refuses assignees for activities which would solve your problem. ;)
So you need either dependencies between cards or assignees for activities - both solutions would be highly appreciated from my side ;)

BR, Henning

when it comes to adding resources/assignes to activities this is something that our development team is looking at right now, so hopefully you will see improvements in this area really soon.
When it comes to the original idea, we understand the need for better possibliities to reference other objects in the system, though there are no immediate plans to support this.


this is the feature I probably miss most. Even the ability to simply reference a card by e.g. #<card no> in a comment or card description would help a lot (replacing the reference by a link to the card and its title). Currently people are using card numbers in their comments other people have to search for (or putting the complete URL in it which makes the comment somehow ugly).


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