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Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your feedback! We are thinking of different ways of making a better connection between the Plan and Boards tool and would like to get a better understanding of your suggestion. If I understand you correctly you want to be able to connect a board to an activity, and the cards on that board will not be added as cards on on the activity, but instead as subactivities with duration etc that comes with it being an activity? In what kind of scenario would you like this to happen and what kind of work does these cards/activities represent?

Hi again,
we have now made it even easier to add cards to activities. When you have the board sorted on activity swimlane (see picture) cards can be connected to the activity at creation with only one click. In the attached example when clicking on the plus sign with red frame will add the card directly to activity 6.9.2) I hope that this can help you in keeping a structured project planning!

Best regards

I strongly support this idea. Currently only the lowest (leaf) level activities of a plan can be created as activities on a board, with cards created underneath. We would like the flexibility of being able to link plan activities at any level of a Board - for example, allowing a leaf level plan activity to become a card on the board, rather than an activity.

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