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Karolina Jackson-Ward
Karolina Jackson-Ward

Karolina Jackson-Ward


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but we are right now testing time estimation on activities. This will lead to an aggregated status of the project based on time estimated and time reported/remaining on activities.

I have included a screen shot.

We will also include cards in the time sphere a little later.

Best regards

Hi Karolina
Acctually I think I was looking for a "light version" of what you are describing. A way to manually mark or grade the status of the activity, but if what you are describing is easy enough to report/maintain it sounds good.
The question is still how this is reflected in the plan tab. It must show the current status for all the activities in a comprehensive way, and prefferably by colorcoding the bars or perhaps a percentage-meter inside the bar or something like that. (with a onmouseover showing the hours or percentage reported/remaining)

Looking forward to see the final result.

Nice work so far

/ Peter

Hi Peter,

the time estimation aggregation mentioned above has now been released. Please try it out and let us now what you think!

I hope that you can use this and the connection to cards to achieve what you are looking for!


P.S. You can also of course work with manual color coding of the activities. For example Grey means 0% done, Yellow 50% and Green means 100% done. D.S.

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