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Hi Morten,

Thanks for your feedback. You can export information rom both Plan and Boards to excel. Please try these (Download Board and Export to Exel in Plan) and let us know if these are what you're looking for.

Best regards,

Yes, I'm aware of the possibility to download single plan and single Board. My question was a bit clumsy. Would like to download many Boards in one file. Ex choose 20 Boards and download them to one Excel file.

I am frustrated by the fact that the various reports currently available (eg export Plan to Excel, export Time Report to Excel) are pre-formatted for viewing purposes and do not present the data in a way that would be easy to analyse or modify to suit the need. The selection of fields to be exported would be a major improvement, eg I want to export the Plan data but find that the 'reported' hours that is visible on screen against each gantt line is not exported, and trying to recreate this from a Time Reporting export is very labour intensive.

Please consider making the raw data available for export into another program for analysis and reporting, even if this is through Zapier.

DIMELO - innovation management specialist