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If each collum in a board could be colored.
"too doo" = red, "Working on" = yello, "Done" = Green.
Even more colors for more collums.
In plan view each card dot will have that color.
That would be awesome

Hi Karolina,

I don't know if this is the right thread, but personally I also would love to be able to color code/fill the entire card based on which person this task has been assigned to. Now you can do this with a picture per card, but a full screen of 20+ cards with 20+ photos gets distracting from the actual tasks at hand. And seeing 20+ cards in 5 or so colors (while using one color per person) is instantly more intuitive.

In addition one could still label each card separately and maintain the swim-lane option (compliments on this already elegant solution of swim-lanes based on label code/color).

With these two color options combined each card would have two color:

  • main color for person to whom the card is assignment too
  • label color on side, based on project, or priority in each vertical kanban column.

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