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For me (us) that would not be sufficient. Let's say (for example) that I have an activity 'design for website X'. There will be a breakdown from this activity in cards: design header, design news block, design footer, etc. I'm much more interested in the time estimate from the cards (because not every aspect of a website is equally important and we can make choices depending on the time estimate per card) than in the activity time estimate.

For us the activity level is to global, at least that is how we use it...

Thanks again Bastiaan:)

I will bring your feedback into the ongoing debate of how we want to implement time tracking and reporting in Projectplace.

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I also am in support of being able to estimate the time that each card's activities should take; we have a top level plan with the detail in the cards. However, time recording is currently against the plan, not cards, and so it would be important to be able to compare recorded hours with estimated hours, i.e. record time against each card. The time recorded could be summed for each card associated with a plan activity line.

It would be very helpful for me to get a sum of estimates time and complex points (sprint point) per team member / person in, for example, portfolio | workload and per project in Project Office | Project overview an export see attached

Hi Markus,
the next natural step once we have estimations on cards is to provide aggregations in suitable places. One such place that has been discussed is our new Workload functionality that is available in the Project office.

The estimation and reporting time on cards has been moved a bit in our backlog and is now on our roadmap for next 6 months.





Any update when this will be released?

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