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We are at the moment not considering having Card dates affect the dates of the Activities. We are however, working on showing more information about the Activities (e.g. in the Activity swim lane view) and have the date picker reflect these "limitations".
We might consider making it possible to edit the dates of the Activities from the Board.
It is unlikely that we will automate this since it is hard to see the consequences for the Plan as a whole from the board view, especially when we are implementing dependencies between Activities.
A date on a Card could potentially and perhaps unintentionally affect the whole plan.

A fairly simple solution might work well here: if a card is tied to an activity and a due date in the card is entered that exceeds the due date of the (tied) activity, simply give a warning message "the start or due date you've entered is not corresponding to the start or due date of the activity. Are you sure this is correct?".

That will at least 'force' you to rethink, but you still have the option to continue.

I can't imagine this solution will be really hard to implement, but it will take some pain away for sure...

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