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Hi Baastian,

I will answer this in reverse order with the template creation first

Project templates can be created by all Projectplace users for personal use. External users in your account will not be able to distribute any project templates in the account and will only be able to create empty templates that they fill with own content or templates based on projects in which they are administrators. So project templates are considered the personal property of the user rather than the property of the account.


We have this in our backlog - the possibility to have read access to prevent accidental deletion of cards. I guess your idea is more for someone to be able to "follow" a board to see what happens on it and maybe comment on cards - but not to actually work in it?


Great input for the team who are working on improving
1. The possibility to see a flow of "what has happened" in the plan.
2. Minimise the risk of "accidental editing".




Hi Karolina,

  • Templates: clear!
  • Boards: yes, that is exactly what I had in mind, to 'follow' a board without being able to make changes, only to monitor progress. But of course this will also prevent accidental deletion from cards by people who do not have an active role on a board.
  • Plan: really hope it's helpful, imo these issues really need to be taken care off in order for project place to function properly and foolproof with (especially) external developers or suppliers.

Hi Baastian,

We have started development on access rights for Plan. It is not an uncomplicated task though as it involves a lot of scenarios and affects many parts of the system. But we are aware that this is a need expressed by many users so it has high priority.

For Boards we have now changed the way deletion works to prevent accidents from happening. If you want to delete a board, you have to hide it first. Only hidden boards can be deleted. We hope that this will prevent any accidents.

Best regards,

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor