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Karolina Jackson-Ward
Karolina Jackson-Ward

Karolina Jackson-Ward


Next release is planned for the 21st of May

One more thing i just found out.
I have created a group of people to send document links to when a new or updated document is uploaded. The persons in the group have not access to same folders, they are members of different sub projects. But all of them shall have the mail with the info of new/revised documents even if they are not able to access it. This was possible in the old document module and not in the new. I don't want to create several groups and also remeber which to use when sending this updates.


Now the send list displace witout needing to add any letter.

But it still an issue.
The list only includes the members that have access to the folder.
I can't choose to send a mail to an outside person or a member that not having access to the folder even when using attachment.

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