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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback. At the moment you can get this in the full Projectplace offering which includes a document handling system with version control, document reviews, complete document history etc.

Right now there is no option to upgrade your ToDo beta to a full Projectplace Project but we are working on that.
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Hi Karolina,
thanks for your answer!
However, I think, we're talking about two different things here.
Of course, version control, complete document handling would not make sense here because these features are much to complex for (the easy and simple) ToDo.

After thinking about it in depth, it's not the document management that's important to me here. It's more that there could be a card that is "valid" for the whole board. It does not need to have more features than the other cards on ToDo:
At the moment, I've got a column "General" where I put a single card with a short text what everyone should know (including a link to one file). And that's the card I would love to put somewhere else instead of on a separate column.

Karolina Jackson-Ward
Karolina Jackson-Ward

Karolina Jackson-Ward


Ah - I just read you comment again. So I guess you need like a description for the whole board that includes the possibility to link a few documents to it?

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