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Hi Henning!

We had our doubts when we designed this, and your feedback is a reinforcement of that doubt. Getting a reminder on the due date is not ideal for everyone.

We've also received feedback from other customers that it is perfect, so it seems it depends on the situation.

Personally, I think we need to make it a setting, probably by card, which you can set when you set the due date. I will bring this up in our next planning session.

That function is very important and I hope it will be developed soon.
You have to have a reminder before the due date because on the due dates it's in most cases too late if you haven't done the task.

This is probably our biggest need to date - an ability to set eiher a reminder date, or a reminder schedule that notifies team members of the card being due, in advance of actually being due.

DIMELO - innovation management specialist