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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your feedback. Am I correct if I say that the need is primarily to see what has been changed/activity on the board during a certain period? There are several ways that we could solve that - history feed on the board, change indication would be another.


Matthias, is it card creation date you are interested in, or when the card has last been updated? Just trying to understand the need.

Henning, the functionality you are referring to is what we call "swimlanes". The swimlanes is a "group by" feature and grouping by a date is a little different to grouping by "Activity", "Assignee" and "Label".

First of all, which date are you interested in? Created date? Last updated date? Due date?

Second, are you interested in grouping on the actual dates, or a time period relative to the current date? (today, this week, last week, last month etc)

Since time is something that always moves, it is different from the other things we current support grouping on.

Please tell us more about what you need! Thanks a lot for actively giving us valuable feedback.

Max, my interest is in when the card has been last updated. And bring the cards in a chronological order. In a project team meeting it is interesting to see on which cards had been activities since the last meeting before.

Thank you Mattias!
Now we understand your need better. I can tell you there is currently nothing planned to support this need. However, plans change quickly and we value your feedback. I will take this idea to our next planning meeting.

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