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Is there a way to change your team name? I havn't found it yet but this would be good because of all the changes within departments nowadays. I also cannot find a way to delete this team. What if I change teams? I want to get rid of this board or have a chance to move ownership.

Changing the name of the team is coming in the next release. We launched the beta early and still have a bunch of features that we know are needed.

Deleting a ToDo will also be possible in the next release.

Changing ownership has been up for discussion but it is not scheduled yet. I will make sure it is included in our next planning session.

To work around these current limitations you can always start another ToDo. Just use the link you got in your invitation.

Thanks for your feedback!

Addressing the initial question: Yes, it's intuitive to start using it. A board is set up very quickly and you find the functions you need to at the location where you'd search for it.
Minor thing is: To assign a task to someone, I'll need his/her e-mail and he/she needs to create an account which of course is needed, if it's an important person. But if there was a possibility to either assign tasks to "not listed people", it'd be easier to organize every detail without having everybody and his dog to create an account (many people don't like to create another new account just for being listed, if I just use that personally to keep an overview who does what).

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