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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback. This is something that we have heard before but have no immediate plans to implement. Of course, we look at ideas here when we plan future development so the more we hear it the more is the likelyhood it gets implemented.

Until it is changed I ask you to remember that your members need only have read-write access to folders where they need to edit things. They can have read-only access to other folders which prevents them from adding other folders to them. do you think this could work for you in the interim?

Best regards,

thank you!That's not the problem really.Users must have read and write access and be able to add new folders, but .. not be able to change an existing folder structure as an admin has created.I would ask for more permissions as I explained earlier.Hope you find a solution for this soon, for our part, it is a risk in major projects.This problem is such an important function that it can not be delayed.

DIMELO - innovation management specialist