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Hi Henning,

Thanks for your feedback. I go through the top ideas here regularly with the development teams. Printing of various views is a fairly common request.

It would be great to understand better when this need arises. Is it when you are done with the project or for reporting purposes during the course of the project?

Best regards,




Hi Karolina,
Both - e.g.for legal reasons it is needed to keep the documentation of projects - let's say some 10 years - as hard copies.
Secondly - if you want to really use cards as an active tool for the team it would be nice to see all related comments to this card. We use these cards in our decision taking process - so we are sharing information, attach files, comment those cards.
These cards/ comments contain crucial informations for the project - therefor we have to ducument these informations.
At the moment it is not possible to do this on an easy way!

BR, Henning

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