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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback. We get this request sometimes and I am curious. What would you typically use this list for? I can think of many answers.

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Often when a project is approaching a milestone, there are many documents that are circulating for review. It would be handy if I as a project manager could get a list of all open reviews and that way be able to take action to the documents that for some reason has got stuck in process.
As we come really close to the milestone I would perhaps even let that list of pending reviews become a "todo-list"

Lennart van den Kommer
Lennart van den Kommer

Lennart van den Kommer


I fully agree with this. I note that such overview can be obtained in the general Project Place overview, selecting "Reviews". This option is however not available in the Project itself nor in the app. Both would be very helpful for the reason set out by Markus above.

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