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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your feedback. We are just developing access rights for boards and I have asked the team how they will tackle this specific issue. I hope to be able to answer you shortly.

Best regards,


On Tuesday we will release Access Rights on Boards. How it will work is that we will have the options read-and-write access and no access to a board and this you will set per group as admin. So this means that you can restrict who has access to the board but those who have access can delete cards on that board.


2 layers of access right, one is R&W, another one is R only but still can give inputs via comments. In the latter setup, a multi-topic discussion or a multi-question survey can be carried out at the same time. but the layout is fixed from the beginning or adjusted by persons with the right of R&W. it makes a tool works more than just TODo

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