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Hi Doris,

Thanks for your feedback.You will soon be able to collaps the timeline so that it is not taking up space in your interface.

Out of curiosity, what do you use for project planning and why?

Best regards,

So you use MS Project for planning, Doris?

Fredrik. The reason that we decided to release even though we didn't have time to include the option to hide it was that we believe in the benefits of the new planning tools. We also looked at the statistics and only 6% of the projects currently run at Projectplace have the timeline hidden. The option to hide the timeline will be reintroduced. We do apologise of course that this causes inconvenience in your project.

to be honest, our planning is too large for this tiny little ribbon anyways. But yes, due to confidentiality issues we either share our planning on PDF only or for internal feedback, we use Microsoft office.




excellent! thanks!

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