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Hi Jürgen,

You can, under Administration, set up the reports that go out to members. Or select to not send out reports at all.

You do this under the following screen:

Best regards,

Hi Karolina
Thank you for your reply. I am already familiar with that function. It´s just the thing that I can set it to "off" but not to "weekly" as a default standard setting. Whenever I add a new member he will be treated with daily reports as long as I set it to weekly. I would love not have to touch that setting again and again after a new member has joined the team.
Best Juergen

Hi Karolina
The screenshot below shows exactly what happens when two new members has joined the team. They will recieve daily reports unless I change it manually to weekly. Sometimes I´ve forgotten to change it directly after the invitation and the new members got spammed. Not exactly a good move to inspire new members. I have the need to select weekly report by default.

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