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Hi Anders,

Thanks for your feedback.

For refresh, please use the refresh button that is available in the toolbar. It looks like a circular arrow.
You can click anywhere in the navigation bar at the top of the folder structure to go to another level.
When you click F5 or refresh the browser you will always get to the project overview of the last project you were logged in to.

Am I understanding you correctly if you would like us to always "bookmark" where you are and log you back there?

Best regards,




I do use the refresh button you suggest in normal cases. In the case you get logged out, it obviously does not work. Yes, of course, if you do something with a file or anything you want to remain where you are in the browser. This worked a lot better in the previous version of projectplace. Thius version returns you to the top of the folders and sometimes to the overview when yuou press refresh. Very seldom it does what you expect. If you work with a large folder structure it is very frustrating.

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